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Hillary Clinton Too Unfit for the Presidency

This summer, we gathered to cheer on this country’s greatest athletes as they competed on the world stage against every nation’s best, carrying both national pride and glory on their backs. The United States returned from the Rio Olympics with almost double the number of medals received by the games’ second place country for one simple reason: America has the strongest, fittest, and fastest people in the world. As I look at this election and see YouTube videos showcasing Hillary Clinton’s various life-threatening illnesses, I realize something painfully obvious: Hillary Clinton is simply not fit enough for this nation’s highest office.

It takes an especially strong person to lead the strongest country in the world, and when I look at Hillary Clinton, I find it difficult to imagine her curling anything more than 15 lbs. in the gym, and with pretty bad form, too. Compared to several time world-champion and Olympic gymnast Sam Mikulak, Clinton looks like a twig for the enemies of democracy to snap in half. Ibtihaj Muhammad looks fitter in a head-to-toe fencing outfit than Clinton does in her pantsuits—something simply unacceptable for someone supposed to project the strength of the United States on the global stage.

While I am not saying that she has to be some kind of Michael Phelps, I feel like it is not too much to ask for her to be around the same level as Katie Ledecky or Simone Biles physically. It would be an embarrassment to our nation if, when foreign leaders inevitably challenge our President to an impromptu dressage contest, our Commander-in-Chief gave a score barely warranting bronze. America is the best country on Earth, and we deserve someone strong in every sense to lead us. If anything, to elect someone as clearly un-athletic as Hillary Clinton would be an act of disrespect toward the hundreds of all-American athletes who would be forced to watch her inauguration thinking, “My VO2 Max is definitely better than hers.” If Clinton is not the fittest person this country has to offer, she simply does not deserve the Oval Office.