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Don’t Count Bernie Out Yet—He Can Still Win This Thing

Three months deep into the general election, most of the campaign buzz centers around Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s respective problems and ideas. We get it: one is a xenophobic, sexist money-launderer who’s filed for bankruptcy several times, and the other is a shady, emotionless crook with 30,000 suspicious emails. The choices this year seem pretty un-compelling, until you remember that there is still one candidate who represents everything we want in a president: Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’s campaign is founded on all of the things we young, hip people have always supported: socialism, progressive tax codes, and economic redistribution. I mean, have you ever been at a party and met someone cool who didn’t think we need a political revolution? Ask anyone young enough to have a clue about the state of our country, and they’ll tell you that it’s pretty clear that the coming revolution needs a candidate whose economic ideals are truly symbolic of the 20th century-New England-progressive-liberal movement. If anything, it’s what we’ve all been waiting our whole lives to see.

The primary contest with Crooked Hillary was pretty brutal, but if you look at the actual facts, Bernie obviously managed to come out on top. I mean, all it takes is one look at Facebook to see he clearly had more support—it’s just that that Clinton crony ex-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz manipulated the vote weightings so her crooked friend would make her a campaign official. Even despite Crooked Hillary cheating him out of the nomination, we true supporters still believe Bernie can pull through and win this thing.

Everyday, Bernie receives less media attention than any of the other candidates. I don’t see any talk of his numerous gaffes, atrocious poll numbers, or lack of campaign structure—he’s not even in the debates. This lack of negative attention is a clear indicator that if there is a silent majority, it supports Bernie, not Trump.

So, when someone tries to argue that Gary Johnson is going to be the next president, don’t feel bad about laughing in their face. Tell them that there is only one person who actually understands our needs and desires. It’s clearly not Hillary, she’s way too bossy—and Trump’s a buffoon. Take a look at the grassroots work he’s doing even now at Hillary’s campaign rallies, and it becomes clear: Bernie Sanders is on track to win the electoral college and take back the presidency for the American people, and we should all be on board to help him.