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$7 Textbook Resold for “Bargain” $180 to Sophomore

With the start of the new school year putting pressure on students to purchase the necessary textbooks, the scramble for cheap course material is at an all-time high. According to trusted sources, Eric Foley ’20, a rising sophomore, has claimed to have purchased his chemistry textbook from rising junior Hailey Ramsey ’19 for a shockingly low price.

“She gave it to me for just $180 when she got it for $7,” Foley told reporters last Friday. “I basically stole it from her. I can’t believe I just effortlessly scammed an upperclassman!” Sources report Ramsey deeply regrets pricing her book so low. “I thought it was a reasonable price at the time, but after talking to friends, I realized that I could’ve asked him for at least another couple hundred. I knew I should’ve taken AP Micro last year.”

At press time, Ramsey used her small profit to purchase half a chapter of a calculus textbook.